Pepperoni Shortage Has Caused a Number of Restaurants to Raise the Price of Pizza

There have been plenty of shortages due to the coronavirus including toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and coins, but this latest shortage is one that’s bound to affect all pizza lovers. Find out about the pepperoni shortage now.
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Pepperoni Shortage Has Caused A Number Of Restaurants To Raise The Price Of Pizza

There have been a number of shortages due to the coronavirus; from necessities like toilet paper and hand sanitizer, to less used items like pennies. Now, there is yet another item disappearing from shelves, and this one will affect most pizza lovers.
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There Is A Nationwide Dr. Pepper Shortage And Some Soda Drinkers Can’t Handle It

Since March, a number of commonly used products dealt with shortages, as many stuck at home looked to stockpile necessities. Now, it appears another popular product is dealing with a limited supply, and fans are not too thrilled about it.
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Where Have All the Coins Gone Amid COVID-19 Pandemic?

Here’s an odd effect of the COVID-19 pandemic: With fewer people dining and shopping in-person, there’s a shortage of coins in circulation. Read more!
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Another Shortage May Be Around The Corner As People Stockpile Frozen Pizza

When the coronavirus first began to spread across the country, many stores saw shortages in essential items such as hand sanitizer and toilet paper. Now, there is another item that is beginning to disappear from shelves, and it’s one not too many people will be happy about.
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Beer And Soda May Soon Go Flat As Low Ethanol Demand Causes CO2 Shortages

Many industries have felt the impact of the coronavirus with some businesses forced to shut down, and others dealing with low customers due to people staying home. One industry that hadn’t been knocked down yet by the pandemic was the beer industry.
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White Claw Hard Seltzer

Texas Fraternity Bought $7,500 Worth Of White Claw During Shortage

An unnamed fraternity in Austin bought over $7,000 worth of White Claw Hard Seltzer when they heard there was a shortage.
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There Is A Nationwide Shortage Of White Claw, And Millennials Are Freaking Out

The country has been reeling from a national shortage of a beloved product, but this time it’s not the Popeye’s chicken sandwich. Another product seeing a boom in popularity lately, White Claw hard seltzer, announced on Friday they are experiencing a nationwide shortage.
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Taco Bell

Taco Bell Is Currently Experiencing A Tortilla Shortage

Some Taco Bell locations have had to tell customers that they are unable to make burritos and quesadillas.
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Ninja, Sword, Katana

Japan Is Facing A Serious Problem: Their Ninja Population Is Diminishing

Japan is experiencing a shortage of ninjas. Specifically, the small town of Iga, located about 40 miles southwest of Kyoto, which is having trouble finding performers for its annual ninja festival. Video of Iga Ueno: Ninja Fight - Part 2 The job pays $85,000, but Iga's population is so small,...
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