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Dog Fakes Broken Leg To Score Pets And Treats From Unsuspecting Tourists

A stray dog roaming the streets of Bangkok appeared to be suffering from a broken leg.
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Study Finds That Babies Born With Bigger Heads Are Smarter

If your baby has a slightly larger than normal head, congratulations, you might be raising a genius.
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Dog Gets Interviewed, Dog Eats Microphone

This video just got released on Saturday, and I've watched it no less than a hundred times since then. I have a Border Collie myself, so I can vouch for how funny they are. (Maybe not Bulldog funny, but funny, nontheless.) They're also one of the smartest breeds, so I'd like to think this dude did...
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The Human Brain Has The Capacity To Store And Remember 5 Million Books

The human brain has power and capacity almost ten times greater than we initially thought.
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Kansas Teen Set To Receive Diplomas From Both High School And Harvard In Same Month

16-year-old Braxton Moral from Kansas is all set to receive his High School diploma in May.
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Are You Smarter Than Average?

Are you smarter that everyone else? Do you need proof?
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Dallas Woman's Stinky Revenge on Package Thief Is Great

We bet the package thief won't be back anytime soon!
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