Social Distancing


Taxidermist Invents “High-Five Machine” Made From Rat Legs For Those That Miss Human Contact

For people who enjoy human contact, social distancing the last few months has proven to be very difficult. While most are trying to remember to stay at least six feet away from others, these people are doing whatever they can not to physically embrace the people in their lives.
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Floating Drive-In Movie Theaters Coming to Major Cities During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Drive-in movie theaters are making a bit of a comeback amid the pandemic, but what if you could float on a boat? Floating drive-in movie theaters are coming to major U.S. cities.
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Video From The World’s First Socially Distanced Concert Goes Viral

With a number of concerts and events canceled or postponed since March, venues have been scrambling to figure out a way to safely put on shows in the future. Now, the first socially distanced concert has taken place in the UK, and it seems many online are on board with this type of design.
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Principal Turns MC Hammer's 'Can't Touch This' Into COVID-19 Back-to-School Safety Video

’Stop! Sanitize!’ An Alabama high school principal took an MC Hammer classic and turned it into a coronavirus safety video in hopes of getting his message across. Watch the parody video now.
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Man Goes Viral After Being Spotted Casually Sitting On The Top Branches Of A Massive Tree

While kids of every generation have different experiences, climbing trees has remained a pastime for the world’s youth for years. While most have experienced the joy of climbing a tree, due to safety the majority of adults no longer find interest in the activity.
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County Fair’s Social Distancing Guidelines Calls To Keep A Cow’s Length Away From Others

With a number of summer events in 2020 already cancelled, some are looking for ways to go on while keeping all attendees safe. For a county fair in Ohio, that meant establishing new rules; including making sure everyone stays at a safe distance from one another.
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Officers Spend 5 Hours Breaking Up Party of 700 People

Some New Jersey residents continue to break COVID-19 guidelines, Gov. Phil Murphy said. He announced police were forced to break up a party of 700 people.
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Bats Are Good at Social Distancing When Sick: Study

According to a study by the University of Texas, certain species of bats exihibit behaviors similar to social distancing when they aren’t feeling well, as opposed to their healthier counterparts.
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Mom Explains Social Distancing to Kids in Children's Book About Bubbles

Talking to your kids about a pandemic can be challenging, but Tara Travieso found a way that’s informative and fun – she used bubbles and wrote a children’s book! Read more now.
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Rooftop Restaurant Reveals Private Greenhouses for Socially Distanced Dining

An Italian restaurant on a New York City rooftop revealed five plastic greenhouses that allow guests to practice social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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