Texas Teen Took His Mom To Prom

Most teens would shudder at the idea of taking their mom to prom. However, for one Texas teenager, it's all he's ever thought about doing.
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Man, Aiming, Crossbow

Father Helps Son Remove Loose Tooth With Crossbow (Video)

Dads always seem to have the best answers to life's problems.
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John Stamos, Caitlin McHugh

John Stamos Welcomes First Child With Wife Caitlin McHugh

John Stamos and his wife Caitlin McHugh welcomed a son Billy into the world, named after Stamos' father.
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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

The Rock Bought His Dad A Brand New Cadillac After Hip Replacement Surgery

The Rock’s dad is the proud new owner of a Cadillac Escalade and it’s all thanks to his son.
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Pamela Anderson & Brandon Lee

Pamela Anderson Speaks Out on Tommy Lee's Fight With His Son

Pamela Anderson has spoken out about Tommy Lee's recent altercation with his son, Brandon Thomas Lee. Tommy Lee previously reported Brandon knocked him unconscious after an alcohol intervention. The 21-year-old was said to have acted in self defense when he lunged at him. In a report to TMZ ,...
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Sally Field Is Trying To Set Up Her Son With Olympic Figure Skater Adam Rippon

Sally Field is determined to play matchmaker for her 30-year-old son, Sam.
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Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Sons Create Adorable Music Video (Set To "Beat It!") To Celebrate Mom's Last Day Of Chemo

Last September, Julia Louis-Dreygus was diagnosed with breast cancer.
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Chris Hemsworth's 3-Year-Old Son Found The Chocolate Stash, Climbs The Fridge To Get It

Dear Lord! We have a mini Thor on our hands. And he's only 3-years-old!
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