Southwest Airlines

Southwest Air Employees to Face Job Cuts Unless Traffic Triples

Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly says passenger numbers will have to triple by the end of the year in order for the carrier to avoid its first-ever involuntary job cuts.
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Airlines Offer Passengers Flexibility Ahead of Tropical Storm Dorian

DALLAS ( 1080 KRLD ) - Southwest Airlines and American Airlines are among the airlines offering their passengers some flexibility as all eyes are on Tropical Storm Dorian which is blowing through the Caribbean this morning. Southwest customers flying to Turks and Caicos, the Dominican Republic and...
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Southwest Airlines planes

Southwest Airlines Agent Played Games With Passengers To Pass Time During A Flight Delay

A Southwest Airlines flight from Orlando, Florida to Washington DC was delayed for 3 hours. The gate agent came up with a game to help pass the time and all the passengers loved it.
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Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant Surprises Passengers By Hiding In The Overhead Bin

A few passengers were a little surprised when they discovered their flight attendant in the overhead bin.
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A Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Hides In Overhead Bin For Strange Reason

Southwest Airlines is the greatest airline, in my opinon. However, I would have been oddly suspicious off what was happening here. A passenger boarding her flight from Nashville to Atlanta started recording when she saw a flight attendant laying in the overhead compartment. Veronica Lloyd says the...
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Guy getting a free Nintendo Switch

Passengers On Southwest Airlines Flight From Dallas To San Diego Received A Free Nintendo Switch

Nintendo celebrated Comic-Con weekend by handing out a free Nintendo Switch to everyone on board Southwest Airlines flight from Dallas to San Diego.
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Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant

Passenger Kicked Off Southwest Airlines Flight After Making A Joke About Vodka

After a passenger made a joke about vodka, a flight attendant had the passenger escorted off the plane.
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Herb Kelleher, Southwest Airines, Wright Amendment, Press Conference, 2014

Southwest Airlines Co-Founder And Legendary CEO Herb Kelleher Dies At 87

Herb Kelleher first moved to Texas in 1962 with the intention of starting a law firm.
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Flight Attendant, Airplane, Phone, Safety Instructions

Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant's "Sexy" Safety Instructions Go Viral

Bethany Joy Brenes was traveling on a Southwest Airlines flight from Chicago to Omaha, Nebraska when she sat down to listen to the safety instructions.
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Southwest Airlines Under Fire After Employee Mocks Child's Name

If you come across someone with an unusual name, its best not to mock them to their face, especially while working. One Southwest Airlines employee is learning that the hard way. A gate agent at a California airport has landed herself in hot water after ridiculing a child whose name is, Abcde.
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