Start Up Plans To Send Customers To The Edge Of Space In A Hot Air Balloon

There are plenty of people who would like to experience space travel in their lifetime. While that may not be a possibility for another few years, a new start up is looking to take space enthusiasts as close to the final frontier as possible. Space Perspective is hoping to send people 19 miles up,...
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New Study Claims There Could Be At Least 36 Other Intelligent Civilizations In Our Galaxy

For as many people out there claim to have had an extraterrestrial encounter, most likely people on Earth are still yet to experience alien lifeforms. However, due to the size of the Milky Way Galaxy, many still assume we are not the only planet with living beings.
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NASA Is Accepting Applications For New Astronauts For The First Time Since 2015

Just about every kid dreams or one day becoming an astronaut. Luckily, for some that dream may one day become a reality as NASA has begun accepting applications for astronauts once again.
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SpaceX To Send Four Space Tourists Around Earth For Five Days

For most people, space travel in their life time is just a dream, but for four lucky people that dream may soon become a reality. It was announced this week that SpaceX has teamed up with Space Adventures to send for privately-paying space tourists to space.
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A Japanese Billionaire Is Starting A Reality Show To Find A Girlfriend To Travel To Space With

Elton John said it best; “it’s lonely out in space.” That’s a realization Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa is starting to come to, as he plans to travel to space in 2023. That’s why the attention-grabbing entrepreneur is now starting a reality dating show, to find a girlfriend to travel to space...
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NASA Chief Claims Pluto Is A Planet Once Again

It has been 13 years since Pluto was downgraded from the 13th planet to a dwarf planet, but many space enthusiasts aren’t ready to let it go. Count NASA chief Jim Bridenstine as one of the many that still consider Pluto a planet.
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Bottles Of Wine Get Sent To Space For Aging Study

Some red wine was sent to the International Space Station on Monday, but sadly for the astronauts, it’s not for drinking. Twelve bottles of red Bordeaux wine were sent to space as part of a study on how weightlessness and space radiation affect the aging process.
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Navy Confirms Videos Of UFOs Posted By Former Blink-182 Member, Tom DeLonge, Are Real

Many Blink-182 fans were upset when former band member Tom DeLonge left his career in music to focus on finding evidence of UFO’s. While many have commented about DeLonge’s career change, the Navy just confirmed his work to be accurate.
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Brad Pitt Calls Astronauts On ISS To Ask Burning Question: Pitt Or Clooney?

Brad Pitt knows a thing or two about being an astronaut, or at least that’s the case in his new movie ‘Ad Astra.’ To promote the film, Pitt decided to put his astronaut knowledge to the test.
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Videotapes Bought By NASA Intern At Government Auction Turn Out To Be The Original Moon Landing Tapes

This July marked the 50th anniversary of the famous Apollo 11 moon landing.
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