Eagles Fan Running To Catch Train Slams Headfirst Into Pole

In fact, the hardest hit of the day came after the game's conclusion, as fans were making their way home on the subway.
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Will Ferrell Interviews Roger Federer As Iconic Ron Burgundy

This week, Roger Federer just added another win at the Australian Open. And as a gift to celebrate, a very special guest came out to the court to interview him. Will Ferrell. Of course Will Ferrell didn't interview him rather, Ron Burgundy did. Check out the video below!
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Ultramarathon Champion Disqualified For Hiding In Porta-Potty During Race

Kelly Agnew was disqualified from the Across the Years ultramarathon in Arizona, and stripped of several other titles, after race officials discovered he was hiding in porta-potties for extended periods of tim in the middle of races.
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Celebrities React To Vikings' Historic Play!

Last night, we may have just witnessed the greatest playoff game in NFL history.
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City Leaders Approve 2026 World Cup Consideration For DFW

This would be so cool!
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Alabama Star Proposes To Girlfriend Minutes After Winning National Championship

First, congratulations to the Alabama Crimson Tide for capturing another championship last night. And if you're a fan of the Georgie Bulldogs, our condolences.
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