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Shaquille O’Neal Shares Hilarious Story About Being In An Elevator With Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder has been blind since birth, yet some have speculated in the past that the iconic singer may not actually be totally blind. While there are a number of theories, none have been proven, yet people still question if Wonder can actually see.
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Here Are Some Of The Best Celebrity Stories From Elton John’s New Memoir, ‘Me’

Elton John has made plenty of headlines recently thanks to his new memoir , ‘Me.’ Not only is the book filled with incredible stories about his own life, but some celebrity encounters most would find hard to believe.
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Stevie Wonder Announces He Needs Kidney Transplant And Will Take A Break From Touring

Stevie Wonder made a shocking revelation Saturday night during his concert in London. The legendary Motown singer announced he will be taking a break from performing in order to receive a kidney transplant this fall.
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7 Songs to Celebrate Your Dad on Father's Day

Sunday is Father’s Day and a perfect time to get a playlist together to honor the man that has been there for you since the beginning. Many artists have created songs detailing the joys of fatherhood, missing their dearly departed dads, or even butting heads with the most influential male figure in...
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