Store Robbery Goes Hilariously Right When Set To "Yakety Sax"

Fact: Everything is better when set to "Yakety Sax."
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Robbery Suspect Falls Through Ceiling Fleeing Police

Honestly this has to be one of the greatest videos of an attempted get away we have seen in a while.
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Dog In China Drives Three Wheel Truck Into Cell Phone Store

We're all huge dog lovers around here, but honestly, they don't belong behind the wheel. They may be man's best friend, but they are definitely not the best drivers anywhere. A perfect example of why dogs should never be allowed to drive is the video below that comes from Taixing City, China. In...
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Marathon, Texas Is Home To The World's Smallest Target

It's always fun to learn a little something new about the great state of Texas!
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Police Called As Customers Riot Trying To Buy Discounted Nutella

In America, we have Black Friday. In France, they have 70% off Nutella.
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Sam's Club Closing 63 Stores Across The U.S.; Four To Close In Texas

Each store employs about 175 people, and of the 63 closing, 10 to 12 will reportedly be converted into fulfillment centers. Employees at those locations will be given to reapply for positions at the new centers.
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