Research Reveals Rubbing A Bug Bite Is More Effective For Relief Than Scratching

Summer may be in its final stretch, but the insects are seemingly still in full force, getting in a few more bites before the season ends. Avoiding bug bites is one of summer’s greatest struggles, yet every year it’s inevitable they will return to irritate skin. Now, a new study claims that people...
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New Study Reveals Taking Naps Longer Than An Hour Is Bad For Health

For many people, taking a nap during the day is crucial for productivity. While some may have trouble working after waking up from their snooze, others get the perfect amount of rest and energy to push them through the rest of the day.
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Study Claims Making The Bed Every Morning Leads To Better Sleep And More Sex

There is something about a made bed that just makes the sleeping experience so much better. While it is a tedious task that many admit to not doing enough, it seems to have an impact on the bed’s overall comfort. Now, a new survey has revealed that making the bed not only leads to better sleep,...
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A New Study Claims To Have Found The Cure For Hangovers

There are a number of products, often sold at gas stations, that claim to prevent hangovers, but for most there is no way of preventing those next day ailments after a night of heavy drinking. However, a new study claims they may have discovered the hangover cure.
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Study Claims Smartphones Can Tell When Users Are Drunk

Smartphones have made life easier for people, but the one dream app that is still yet to be developed is one that prevents people from sending drunken texts. While the technology for that hasn’t been developed, smartphones may soon be able to tell users when they’ve had too much to drink.
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Study Claims Rich People Get More Sleep On Average Than Poor People

Most adults know the benefits of getting a enough sleep every night, but the balance of work and life can often cause people to sleep way less than the recommended amount. According to the American Sleep Association, the average adult should be getting seven to eight hours of sleep each night.
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New Study Claims People Can Consume As Much Pizza As They Want And It Won’t Affect Their Health

Pizza is beloved by many, but as good as it is, most stay away from eating it constantly for health reasons. However, a new study has revealed pizza may not be as bad for one’s health as previously thought. The study claims that people can eat as much pizza as they want, and not have to worry about...
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LSD Use Is Up Thanks To The Coronavirus And People Believing “The World’s On Fire”

As lockdown continues, the strange hobbies people have picked up during quarantine are starting to be revealed. While some have stuck to puzzles, cleaning, reading and simple pastimes, apparently others have found more extreme ways to escape.
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New Study Reveals Men Watch 70 Minutes Of Porn Per Week And It Is Leading To Performance Issues

The internet has done so much for the world, from the spread of information to helping technology improve, yet based on data it seems most of the time it’s just being used to watch pornography. Now, a new study is showing the amount of porn being watched by men may be doing more damage than many...
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New Study Claims There Could Be At Least 36 Other Intelligent Civilizations In Our Galaxy

For as many people out there claim to have had an extraterrestrial encounter, most likely people on Earth are still yet to experience alien lifeforms. However, due to the size of the Milky Way Galaxy, many still assume we are not the only planet with living beings.
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