Recent Survey Names Texas As One Of The Hardest Working States In The Country

There are many things Texans can claim to be the best at, and now there is yet another thing they can add to the list. According to a recent survey Texas was named one of the hardest working states in the country. Even if they didn’t take the top spot overall, it’s yet another attribute for Texans...
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Survey Reveals The Items People In Each State Buy Way Too Much Of

Everyone has made a purchase they eventually came to regret. While sometimes that feeling comes much later down the line, after no longer using the item, there are plenty of cases of these items never having a purpose in the first place.
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Seven Cities In Texas Land On The List Of Top 150 Cities To Live In During A Pandemic

As most Texans will claim, there are a number of things the Lone Star state does better than anywhere else in the country. Now, Texas has claimed yet another top spot in a list looking for the best cities to live in during a pandemic. Not only did Texas land the top spot on the list, but seven...
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New Survey Reveals The Average Household Fights Over Dishes 217 Times A Year

There are many reasons people living together get into fights. Regardless of their relationship status, conflicting living habits can lead to arguments between just about anyone. While most would think their fights are over serious matters, a new survey has revealed that the average household gets...
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Survey Reveals 1 Out Of 6 People Video Conference From The Bathroom

People often admit to using their phone while on the toilet, but apparently a lot more work is getting done from the bathroom than previous expected. With more people using video conferencing apps, some have decided to bring their work to the toilet as well. According to a new survey, one out of...
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New Survey Reveals America’s Favorite Food Habits During Sporting Events

With most sporting events still on hold, and those going on doing so without fans in attendance, many are starting to miss certain aspects of the stadium experience. One of the things many sports fans are missing right now is stadium food. While not the highest quality, or most nutritious, it has...
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Jessica And Charlie Have Been Dubbed The Kinkiest Names By Shopping Marketplace

Often time’s people try to correlate names with personality traits. There are memes dedicated to depicting certain names with individual characteristics, and books about finding the true meanings of names. Now, an online shopping marketplace has come up with a top 20 list of the kinkiest names,...
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Survey Reveals Most Americans Like Their Steak Cooked Well Done

For many Americans, beef is a very serious topic of discussion. There are different methods to cooking a steak, with different preferred styles and cuts as well. However, while most steak aficionados would suggest eating steak at a medium or medium rare temperature, a new study has revealed most...
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Survey Shows Most Americans Start Drinking Before 5 P.M., Especially On Weekends

While many assume the appropriate time to start drinking alcohol is after 5 p.m., apparently most Americans have been taking the motto, “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere,” way too seriously. A new survey revealed most Americans pour their first drink before 5 p.m., with some saying they start drinking...
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New Survey Names Dallas As The Rudest City In Texas

While state pride is seen all throughout Texas, there is a healthy amount of competition between the Lone Star State’s biggest cities. Whether it’s Dallas, Ft. Worth, Austin, San Antonio or Houston, each city sees themselves as the best, and will be quick to put down the others.
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