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Swarm Of Nearly 40,000 Africanized Bees Attack Police

You won't believe what they were responding to.
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Bees Swarm A Mans Butt And Make A Beehive

Video shows a man in India having a strange encounter with bees as they form a hive on his butt.
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“Apocalyptic” Swarm Of Grasshoppers Invade Las Vegas Strip

If you’re planning a trip to Vegas soon, you might want to hold off for a few weeks.
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Thousands Of Bees Swarm On Man’s Pickup Truck In Costco Parking Lot

John Hildebrandt was inside a Costco working when he got word that there might be a problem with his truck, which was parked outside.
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Texas Man Survives 1,000 Stings From An Attack Of Swarming Bees

Thomas Mizell was helping his cousin in a Cleveland, TX field last week when he noticed a "black cloud" quickly approaching their location.
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Swarming Mayflies Will Give You Nightmares

Back in 2012, Texas experienced one of the most insane cricket mating seasons of all time. Crickets were EVERYWHERE! You couldn't get out of the car without getting hit by a few. It was the Texas equivalent of the famous bug tunnel in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.
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