‘The Big Bang Theory’ Honored With Shout Out During Nobel Physics Announcement

‘The Big Bang Theory’ may have wrapped up their final season this year, but the show will live on thanks to their adoring fans, and of course the science community. The hit television series was honored at the Nobel Physics Ceremony on Tuesday, when the presentation started with a reference to the...
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Man Bit By Crocodile Once Owned by Fidel Castro

An aquarium party sounds like a great idea until a guest decides to get too close to the animals. A man was bitten by a crocodile recently while giving a speech at a crayfish party at a Sweden Aquarium. However, this wasn’t any crocodile.
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Man, Hand, Microchip, Table

People Are Getting Chip Implants To Replace Cash And Credit Cards

It seems that people in Sweden are tired of carrying around wallets.
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Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters, Chris Cornell Tribute, Concert, Guitar, 2017

Dave Grohl Spots Doctor Who Saved His Leg In The Crowd, Dedicates "My Hero" To Him

Way back in 2015, in the middle of Foo Fighters' performance in Gothenburg, Sweden, Dave Grohl stumbled off the stage, and broke his leg.
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Little Girl Pulled A 1,500 Year Old Sword Out Of A Lake

While on vacation with the family, one little girl found an old relic while swimming.
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Texas BBQ

There’s A Texas Themed Restaurant In Sweden

The Texas Longhorn Steakhouse opened in 1994 and is owned by a Texan.
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Dave Grohl

WATCH: Dave Grohl "Falls" Off Stage in Latest Prank

Watch Dave Grohl's body double prank everyone with another "stage fall."
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