Texas Teens Have Their Prom Pics Taken At Whataburger

Well, it's official. The Texas trend is to celebrate any and every special occasion at Whataburger.
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[Graphic] Newest Internet Challenge Leaves Teen With Second-Degree Burns

A 15-year-old girl in England was left severely burned after participating in the 'deodorant challenge.'
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Teen Facing Prison Time After Shoving Friend Under Moving Bus As A "Prank"

A "prank" almost turned deadly for two teenage girls in Poland.
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Bullied Teen Wears Hateful Message On Shirt Because "Those Word's Don't Define You"

She wasn't going to stand idly by and let some bully's words hurt her like that, and she wanted to show that person or persons she was going to rise above it.
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Hurricane Harvey Damage

Hurst Teens Head To Rockport During Spring Break To Help Rebuild After Hurricane Harvey

For some, Spring Break means vacation. For others, it's a time to help those in need.
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Teen Steals Parents' Credit Card, Rents House For Party, Causes $20,000 In Damage

A family is on the hook for $20,000 in damages, after a couples 14-year-old stole their credit card, rented a house for a party, and completely tore the place apart. Police were initially called for an "uncontrollable" party on Ottawa Ave in West Vancouver last Friday night. When they arrived at...
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A Couple Of Teens Tried To Sneak Into Black Panther, One Sitting On The Other's Shoulders Wearing A Long Trench Coat & Hat

Hahahahaha! Nice try kids! We applaud your efforts.
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Texas High School Student Gets Stabbed 3 Times During Fight

At Odessa Permian High School, a fight broke out which resulted in a student getting stabbed three times! The two 15-year-old students was going to fight at the west side of the campus until one of the student pulled out a knife and stabbed the student, two in the left arm and the other in the...
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USA's Vincent Zhou Lands First Quadruple Lutz In Olympics History!

Vincent Zhou is the youngest member of the Olympics figure skating team.
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Student Arrested For Threatening To Shoot Up An Arlington Middle School

Following the tragic events that happened in Florida, an eighth grader attending Nichols Junior High School was arrested for making a threat to the school. The 13-year-old claims that he was only joking and says he was going to bring a Nerf gun to school. Arlington police arrested the boy and is...
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