New Report Puts Texas In The Top 10 For Worst Drivers In America

Ranking states, in any category, leads to plenty of state pride and arguing across the country. However, when that category is bad driving, most just hope their state doesn’t end up in the top 10. That’s bad news for Texans, as a new report puts the lone star state in the top ten for worst driving.
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Petite Woman Completes 72 Ounce Steak Food Challenge At Texas Steak House

Food lovers of all sizes are usually willing to take on a restaurant’s food challenge. Still, many were shocked when a petite woman successfully took down a massive steak challenge in a recent video. In the video that has since gone viral, the 125 pound woman eats a 72 ounce steak.
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Vanilla Ice Cancels Texas Concert For Fourth Of July Weekend

With concerts still on hiatus, Vanilla Ice was hoping to take advantage of people’s need for live music with a show planned for this Friday in Texas. However, after some backlash online, the 90’s icon has decided to postpone his show for a later day. Though many were hoping to spend their Fourth of...
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Governor Greg Abbott Announces Guidelines For The Reopening Of Performing Arts Venues

As many businesses slowly get back to normal operations, people continue to wait for the reopening of entertainment venues. Luckily for Texas, Governor Greg Abbott announced plans to allow performing arts halls to reopen in Texas starting Wednesday. While there will be limits to keep attendees safe...
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Texas Dad Surprises His Daughter By Driving Over 1,000 Miles To Bring Her Chick-Fil-A

Dads far too often go out of their way to embarrass their children, but more often than not, that effort is put in just to put a smile on their kid’s face. For one Texas dad, that meant driving over 1,000 miles to keep up with a birthday tradition he shares with his daughter.
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Google Releases Results For The Most Searched Drink Recipe By State

While many people remain stuck at home under quarantine, plenty have used this time to take up a new productive hobby. However, it seems the majority of people have turned to drinking in order to pass the time.
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Rare Blue Dragon Sea Creatures Spotted At Texas Beaches

Already dealing with fears of the coronavirus, and the Murder Hornet, it appears there is a new rarity of Texans to worry about. According to reports, Blue Dragons have been spotted on the Padre Island National Seashore. While these small creatures may seem harmless, their stings apparently pack...
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Texas Strip Club Opens For Business Claiming To Be A Full Time Restaurant

As some Texas businesses begin to reopen, a strip club in Houston decided to open their doors to customers this weekend. As Governor Greg Abbott issued an order allowing certain businesses to reopen at a 25 percent capacity, Club Onyx decided to claim itself as a full service restaurant in order to...
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Texas Theater Makes Parking Lot A Stage For Free Drive-In Show

The drive-in movie theater may be a thing of the past, but the drive-in theater for live performances may soon become an option for taking in a show. The Plaza Theatre in Cleburne, Texas has gone viral for their outdoor performance with guests watching from their cars.
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Texas Man Goes Viral For Putting On Hilarious At Home Fashion Show By Himself

Fashion shows are usually presenting clothing that while eccentric, probably could never be worn during everyday life. Luckily, one man in Texas is showing off his own casual looks with a solo fashion show from his home.
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