Multiple Texas Cities Make List Ranking The Best Cities To Drive In

As any driver knows, it’s very easy to get frustrated on the road, especially when other drivers are involved. Regardless of location, people across the country deal with road rage at varying levels. While drivers in Texas are no different, according to a research some cities in the lone Star state...
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Recent Survey Names Texas As One Of The Hardest Working States In The Country

There are many things Texans can claim to be the best at, and now there is yet another thing they can add to the list. According to a recent survey Texas was named one of the hardest working states in the country. Even if they didn’t take the top spot overall, it’s yet another attribute for Texans...
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State Fair Of Texas Announces Plans For Drive-Thru Fair Food

Many Texans were disappointed to find out the State Fair of Texas would be cancelled for 2020, but luckily fair organizers decided to keep one tradition alive this year; the food. It was announced that the State Fair of Texas would do some form of drive-thru service so people could get a taste of...
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Recent Poll Names The Alamo As The Most Overrated Attraction In Texas

There are many attractions throughout Texas that bring visitors to the Lone Star state, but according to a recent poll, one of the most well-known may also be the most overrated. According to the poll, The Alamo was voted the most overrated attraction in the state. The now viral map shows the...
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Texas Apartment Complex Criticized After Going Viral For Eviction Notice With Emoji’s

Thanks to smartphones and the internet, emoji’s have seemingly become a part of everyday conversation. While there are different emoji’s to symbolize different objects and feelings, they are usually used in a light manor. However, an apartment complex in Houston recently decided to use emoji’s in...
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Texas Restaurant Goes Viral For ‘Karen Day’ Promotion Offering Free Food To Anyone Named Karen

2020 has been a rough year for anyone named Karen. While not every person named Karen causes trouble, their name has become synonymous with negativity. That’s why a restaurant in Texas decided to have a ‘Karen Day,’ giving a free meal to anyone with the unfortunate name.
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Survey Reveals The Items People In Each State Buy Way Too Much Of

Everyone has made a purchase they eventually came to regret. While sometimes that feeling comes much later down the line, after no longer using the item, there are plenty of cases of these items never having a purpose in the first place.
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Seven Cities In Texas Land On The List Of Top 150 Cities To Live In During A Pandemic

As most Texans will claim, there are a number of things the Lone Star state does better than anywhere else in the country. Now, Texas has claimed yet another top spot in a list looking for the best cities to live in during a pandemic. Not only did Texas land the top spot on the list, but seven...
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Texas BBQ Voted America’s Favorite BBQ Style In Recent Poll

There are many areas Texans claim to have a superior level of expertise than the rest of the country. While sometimes it’s just state pride, in many cases those beliefs are correct. Now, a recent poll has confirmed what many Texans already knew; Texas BBQ is the best style of BBQ there is.
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New Report Puts Texas In The Top 10 For Worst Drivers In America

Ranking states, in any category, leads to plenty of state pride and arguing across the country. However, when that category is bad driving, most just hope their state doesn’t end up in the top 10. That’s bad news for Texans, as a new report puts the lone star state in the top ten for worst driving.
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