Toilet Paper

Mexican Toilet Paper Hits U.S. Shelves Due to Pandemic Demand

American consumers are spotting new toilet paper brands in their local stores- Mexican toilet paper brands to be exact. Find out why U.S. retailers are importing foreign toilet paper on RADIO.COM.
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Survey Reveals Americans Throw Away Almost $12,000 Of Toilet Paper In Their Lifetime

Back in March, a toilet paper shortage sent a panic across the country, as people looked to stock up on the bathroom necessity. Luckily, toilet paper is now back on shelves and everyone can go back to using as much as needed. Apparently that’s quite a bit, as a new survey revealed Americans will...
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Study Finds Who Is Most Likely to Stockpile Toilet Paper Amid the Pandemic

The hoarding of toilet paper in mid-March as the coronavirus pandemic began spreading was puzzling, so researchers did a study to find out who engaged in panic buying and found they all shared one similar personality trait. Read more.
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Walmart Sold So Much Toilet Paper in Five Days It Could Give Each American One Roll

Toilet paper has been a hot commodity in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Walmart’s CEO revealed the chain sold so much toilet paper in the last five days that they could give each person a free roll. Read more.
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Man Hangs Giant Roll of Toilet Paper From a Tree in Front Yard

A Florida man is trying to bring some levity to all the toilet paper hysteria currently gripping the nation. To do so, Donald Ryan got creative and hung a giant roll of toilet paper from two palm trees in his front yard.
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18-Wheeler Carrying Toilet Paper Crashes and Burns on Interstate

A big rig hauling toilet paper has gone up in flames.The 18-wheeler was carrying a huge load of toilet paper when the driver lost control, overturned and caught fire on Interstate 20 near Dallas.
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People Are Tipping Delivery Drivers Toilet Paper and Hand Sanitizer

People across the United States are now tipping their delivery drivers toilet paper and hand sanitizer. A video on TikTok shows the kind gesture.
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Mom Embarrasses Son With Videos of ‘Toilet Paper Funerals’ for Empty Rolls

A mom has decided to thank toilet paper for its service during the coronavirus outbreak by honoring the bathroom essentials with a proper funeral and burial. Her teen son is not amused.
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YouTubers Donate $5K Worth of Toilet Paper They Bought Months Ago For a Stunt

Justin Stuart and Andrew Scites, who go by MoreJStu on their YouTube channel, have donated $5K worth of toilet paper which they had left over from a stunt they filmed last year.
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Poker Game

Gamblers Use Toilet Paper In High Stakes Poker Game

A small group in the U.K. got together before the casinos closed to play an interesting game of poker.
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