Airline Goes Viral With Pop Up Restaurant Serving Airplane Food With Airplane Seating

When it comes to air travel, the food on most airlines is usually one of the top complaints. However, with many travel plans cancelled this summer, it appears people are starting to crave any reminder of travel, even airplane cuisine.
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Coors Light To Send People To The Locations Used As Their Zoom Background

When people first started working from home, Zoom backgrounds quickly became the way to add personality and spice things up. While some kept it professional, and others went for laughs, plenty of people chose the scenic backgrounds of their dream vacation. Now, Coors Light has announced plans to...
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Airport Now Offering Trips To Nowhere To Give Travelers The Illusion Of Vacation

For most travelers, flying to a destination is the worst part of a vacation. Airports, and air travel can be extremely stressful at times, but with many stuck at home for the last few months, some apparently are even starting to miss things like TSA checkpoints. Now, an airport in Taiwan in...
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Passengers prepare to check in at Miami International Airport

Woman Strips Off Clothes While Walking Through Miami Airport

An unidentified woman was captured on video wandering through airport in her undergarments. She began singing and stripping off her clothing.
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Facial Recognition System concept.

American Airlines Launches Biometric Boarding Process for DFW Passengers

American Airlines introduces Face Recognition for Biometric Boarding at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. The identity verification process matches people’s faces against a pre-existing Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) database.
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Coke, Coca Cola, Bottles Star Wars, Thermal Detonator, Star Wars, Galaxy's Edge

TSA Bans Star Wars-Themed Coke Bottles For Looking Too Much Like “Thermal Detonators”

Visitors to Disneyland’s Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge can pick themselves up a bottle of Coke that resembles a thermal detonator.
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Southwest Airlines planes

Southwest Airlines Agent Played Games With Passengers To Pass Time During A Flight Delay

A Southwest Airlines flight from Orlando, Florida to Washington DC was delayed for 3 hours. The gate agent came up with a game to help pass the time and all the passengers loved it.
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Cannabis, Marijuana Plant, Green Leaf

Marijuana Found Growing On Property Owned By DFW Airport

Two people have been arrested in connection with a batch of marijuana found growing on property owned by DFW Airport.
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Airplane, Interior, Seats, Row, Cabin

Woman Photographed Sitting In A Plane Seat With No Back

Talk about an uncomfortable flight.
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Luggage, Suitcase, Airport, Conveyer Belt

Toddler Injured After Getting Stuck On Airport Conveyer Belt All The Way To TSA Room

A toddler at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport wandered away from his mother while she printing out her boarding pass at a kiosk.
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