Real Estate Listing Goes Viral For Strange And Dangerous Placement Of Bed

When living in a small space, every square inch of available area in a room counts. As tiny houses and reduced lifestyles become more popular, many have shown off the creative ways they’ve made room in small areas. However, for one studio apartment in the UK; they probably should have thought of a...
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Video From The World’s First Socially Distanced Concert Goes Viral

With a number of concerts and events canceled or postponed since March, venues have been scrambling to figure out a way to safely put on shows in the future. Now, the first socially distanced concert has taken place in the UK, and it seems many online are on board with this type of design.
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Bar Installs An Electric Fence To Keep Customers At Safe Distance From Staff

As restaurants and bars around the world begin to reopen, many are establishing new guidelines to keep not only customers safe, but their staff as well. For one pub in the UK, they may have taken these new measures a little too far. The Star Inn in Cornwall has gone viral after installing an...
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It Is Now Illegal In The UK To Have Sex With Someone From Another Household

Quarantine has been tough on people for many different reasons, but for single people living alone, the main frustration seems to be coming from a lack of sexual interactions. According to a recent survey done in the UK, six out of ten people asked claim they have not been having sex during...
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Friday the 13th calendar

Dad Hired Jason Voorhees To Pick His Son Up From School For His Birthday

A kid in the UK asked that Jason Voorhees from ‘Friday The 13th’ pick him up from school for his birthday, his dad fulfilled his strange request.
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Elton John’s Personal Information Was Accidentally Shared By The UK Government

When a celebrity’s personal information gets put online, it’s usually the result of hackers, not a government error. However, that’s exactly what happened over the weekend when Elton John’s address was accidentally posted by the UK government.
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Dad Is Afraid Of Using The Toilet After Finding A Snake Inside

A family in the U.K. is still in shock after finding a python in their toilet.
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Tall Burger

This Pub Will Pay For Your Headstone If You Die Eating Their Burger

A pub in the UK is gaining a lot of popularity with their burger that’s stacked 10 patties high. The burger even comes with a warning letting costumers know to eat at their own risk.
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Tired Of Looking For Mr. Right, Woman “Marries” Her Dog On Live TV

Tired of the dating world and wish you could just marry your pet instead? That’s exactly what one woman did on Tuesday, when she “married” her dog on live television. The bride was apparently tired of looking for Mr. Right, and decided to marry her golden retriever instead.
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Harry Potter Props

Parents Looking For Tutor To Dress Up As Professor Snape And Teach Harry Potter Themed Lessons

UK parents put an ad out looking for a tutor to dress up as Harry Potter professors and teach their son science lessons.
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