'Solomoons' Are The Newest Trend Among Millennials

Well, millennials are at it again.
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Airplane, Plane, Emergency Exit, Door

Woman Accidentally Opens Plane’s Emergency Exit Thinking It Was The Bathroom

Even though the plane’s seat belt lights were on, a woman aboard a Pakistan International Airlines flight decided to get up and head to the bathroom.
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Old ship

Only The Ultimate Game Of Thrones Fanatics Can Go On This GoT-Themed Cruise

I've never seen Game of Thrones. Yeah, I've heard it's "the best show ever." No, I'm not gonna binge-watch the entire series now. In fact, I won't even watch an episode. I know, I know, I'm "missing out", but I feel like I already missed the boat, so to speak. I would however take this GoT -...
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Man, Electric Guitar, Playing Guitar, Bend, Solo

World’s First Guitar-Shaped Hotel To Soon Open In Florida

This fall, you will be able to book a room in the world’s first hotel shaped like a guitar. The Hard Rock chain of hotels will open the world’s first hotel shaped like a guitar in Hollywood, Florida this October. The 400-foot hotel will feature swim-up suites, villas partially submerged in water, a...
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Spice Girls, Posing, Retro, Martinez Hotel, Cannes, 1997

The Spice Girls Bus From "Spice World" Now Available As An Airbnb

We think it's time you "spice" up your travel life!
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Couple On Vacation Shocked To Find Bear Relaxing In Hot Tub

Apparently just like us, bears like to end a long day with a relaxing trip to the hot tub. A couple on vacation were shocked this week when they saw a bear taking a dip in their hot tub.
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A Giant Potato In Idaho Has Been Listed On Airbnb For $200 A Night

Idaho may be famous for their potatoes, but this is taking things too far. There is now a giant potato in Idaho listed on Airbnb that can be rented out for $200 a night.
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cat, meow, viral, couple, singing, songs, vacation

This Cat Has Perfect Timing During Sing Along

I had a hilarious blog written before this one about how I don't like cats, but I would hug this one because it's such a good hype man. I called him an "adorable sneeze machine," etc. But then my computer died and I lost everything. So if you guys could just imagine a witty paragraph, that would be...
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Komodo Dragon, Outdoors, Komodo National Park, Indonesia

Komodo Island Is Closing To Tourists Because People Keep Stealing Dragons

Komodo dragons are currently a protected species, and thought to be the largest living lizard in the world.
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Plane, Seats, Emergency Exit

Research Shows That Choosing The Window Seat On A Plane Means You Are Selfish

Finding a seat on an airplane can be a rather strenuous event for some people.
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