Video Conferencing


Plastic Surgery On The Rise Due To Increase Use Of Video Conferencing Apps

Ever since people started working from home, video conferencing apps such as Zoom have become a part of everyday life. While this has helped with work productivity and communication, for many it has negatively affected their own self-image.
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Plastic Surgery on the Rise Due to Increase in Video Conferencing

Plastic surgery is on the rise due to an increase use of video conferencing apps. The close up look at people’s faces has caused many to turn to cosmetic surgery.
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Survey Reveals 1 Out Of 6 People Video Conference From The Bathroom

People often admit to using their phone while on the toilet, but apparently a lot more work is getting done from the bathroom than previous expected. With more people using video conferencing apps, some have decided to bring their work to the toilet as well. According to a new survey, one out of...
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