Voting Open For 2019 Big Tex Boot Design Contest

Even though there are 218 days between today and the September 27th, a big decision must be made about Big Tex!
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High School Senior Elected To Granbury Independent School District School Board

This midterm season was full of surprises, but one of the most shocking stories to come from yesterday’s election was in Granbury, Texas. That’s because 18 year old Chris Willis was elected to the Granbury Independent School District's school board in Hood County.
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Find Out If You're Registered To Vote? Deadline To Register Is Tuesday, Oct. 9th

The midterm elections are coming up November 6th and the deadline to register to vote is next Tuesday, October 9th. Are you registered to vote?
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Early Voting Begins In Texas Today

If you're interested in voting early for the primaries, today is the day, February 20th.
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