‘The Office’ Cast Reunites To Surprise Virtual Wedding

Fans of ‘The Office’ got the closest thing they may ever get to a full blown reunion episode over the weekend. On Sunday, John Krasinski shared the latest episode of his web series, ‘Some Good News,’ where he held a virtual wedding for two huge fans of the beloved series.
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Man Brought A Tuxedo Wearing Llama To His Sister’s Wedding

Playing practical jokes on your siblings is always entertaining, but the one day to keep things civil has to be on their wedding day. Still, that didn’t stop one Ohio man, who after making an absurd promise to his sister five years ago, fulfilled that promise on her wedding day.
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Reunion Tower at sunset

Get Engaged Or Married On A 68-Second Elevator Ride At Reunion Tower

Valentine’s weekend is the most romantic days of the year, and one of the most popular places for couples to take their relationship to the next level is none other than Reunion Tower.
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Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Will Tie The Knot In Rhode Island This Weekend

News has leaked that Oscar winning actress Jennifer Lawrence will get married in Rhode Island this weekend.
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'Supernatural' Stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Jared Padalecki And Jensen Ackles Get Matching Tattoos

Jeffrey Dean Morgan got married to his longtime girlfriend, Hilarie Burton, over the weekend, but that wasn’t the only long term commitment the actor made on Saturday. In an Instagram post, Morgan revealed that himself, along with his ‘Supernatural’ co-stars, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, all...
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Being A Professional Bridesmaid!

Planning a wedding can be hard especially when it comes to bridesmaids having to plan a speech or even plan the bachelorette party.
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[Video] Boyfriend Takes Off Running The Moment His Girlfriend Catches Bouquet At Wedding

Catching the bouquet at a wedding is a dream come true for most bridesmaids, but is an absolute nightmare for their wedding date. That was proven recently when a wedding guest captured a video of the bouquet toss at a wedding.
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Bride And Groom Photos Go Viral Thanks To Black Bear Wedding Crasher

On a bride’s wedding day, the last thing she wants to worry about is wedding crashers, especially if that wedding crasher is a black bear. A wedding photographer recently shared photos of a Tennessee wedding with an unexpected guest black bear that tried to join in on wedding photos.
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[Video] Man Runs Into His Doppelganger At Friend’s Wedding

Running into one’s doppelganger can be a jarring experience, especially if that person is also dressed identically to their look-alike. That’s exactly what happened recently at a wedding in Malaysia when one of the attendees spotted a man not only dressed like him, but looked exactly like him from...
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Couple’s Wedding Pictures Get Photo Bombed By Deer Eating Bride’s Bouquet

Every bride wants the perfect photos for her wedding day, but when nature is involved things tend to go wrong. A Michigan couple was taking their wedding photos in a park when an overly hungry intruder tried to photo bomb the couple.
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