Tom Thumb

Win an Amazon Echo Courtesy of Atlantic Records!

Listen every weekday at 10:20 AM with Bailey for your chance to win an Amazon Echo courtesy of Atlantic Records!
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Dunkin logo

Dunkin’ Will Give Out Free Coffee The Day After The Cowboys Win

Every time the Dallas Cowboys win, you can pick a free medium size Coffee at Dunkin’.
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Tiger Woods

Dallas Man Wins Bet To Name Son “Tiger” After Tiger Woods Wins The Masters

A couple from Dallas, Texas made a bet to determine what their sons' name would be if Tiger Woods won the Masters tournament.
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Post Malone

Post Malone Made A Giants Fan Wear His Cowboys Jacket After Sundays Win

Post Malone made a bet with a Giants fan while attending the Cowboys game in New York.
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Man Dreams About Being Lucky Then Proceeds To Win A Million Dollar Scratch Off

The next time you have a dream about being lucky or winning something big, you might not want to ignore it.
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Bartolo Colon

Texas Rangers Pitcher Takes A 102 MPH Ball Right to the Gut

Rangers Pitcher Bartolo Colon was hit right in the gut and still got the ball to first for an out.
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Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds Is Giving Away A Pink Deadpool Suit To Fight Cancer

Deadpool looks great in pink!
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People Are Celebrating Eagle's Super Bowl Win by Paying Tribute to Lost Loved Ones Who Were Lifelong Fans

Fans everywhere celebrated with loved ones who weren't able to spend that winning moment with them but were there in spirit.
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