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Man Battling Cancer Wins $200,000 Lottery Ticket On His Way To Last Chemo Session

A man battling cancer won a whopping $200,000 on a lottery scratch-off ticket on his way to his last chemotherapy session.
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North Carolina Man Diagnosed With Cancer, Wins Lottery

It's difficult to love this story as much as I want to, becuase the overall result makes me so sad. Richard Beare, out of North Carolina just got diagnosed with Stage 4 liver cancer. However, he visited a Quick Trip a couple days ago and grabbed a lottery ticket while he was there because his wife...
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Charlie Sheen, Red Carpet, Angel Awards, 2018

Charlie Sheen Celebrates One Year Of Sobriety

The 53-year-old showed off his newly-earned chip on Twitter yesterday proudly writing, "so, THIS happened yesterday! a fabulous moment, in my renewed journey."
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Hands Holding Juice, Grocery Store, Carton

Man Purchases $350 Million Winning Powerball After Going To The Store To Return Juice That Wasn't On Sale

Tayeb Souami just needed to return a $5 bottle of Orange Juice.
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Woman Who Receives Wrong Lottery Ticket At Purchase Wins $5 Million!

A woman is now $5 million dollars richer and it was all originally a mistake!
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