Recent Survey Names Texas As One Of The Hardest Working States In The Country

There are many things Texans can claim to be the best at, and now there is yet another thing they can add to the list. According to a recent survey Texas was named one of the hardest working states in the country. Even if they didn’t take the top spot overall, it’s yet another attribute for Texans...
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How to Manage Anxiety Over Returning to Work Amid COVID-19

As more and more businesses begin to reopen, many employees are having to deal with the anxiety of returning to the workforce while the pandemic continues to spread around the country. Experts weigh in with advice to manage fears.
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Porn Website Reveals Users Are Logging On During Work Hours More Than Ever Before

With many people continuing to work from home, it seems some have found new ways to remain productive working outside the office. Apparently one way some employees are relieving work stress is by watching porn while at home. According to live cam website Stripchat, 75% of their users are logging on...
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People Have Started Looping Videos Of Themselves In Order To Avoid Zoom Meetings

The video conferencing app Zoom has seen a surge in usage recently with many people working from home. However, some employees are already mastering way of getting out of work without being caught slacking off by Zoom’s attention tracking features. They have begun making looping videos in order to...
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New Dream Job Will Pay Employees $2,000 To Watch Every Episode Of Their Favorite Show

There are many people whose dream job is simply to stay at home and get paid to watch television. While that position may have seemed outlandish before, now a website is offering people money to do just that. recently shared a new job posting, offering up to $2,000 for those willing to...
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Employee Figures Out Genius Way To Get Free Beer During Work

Most people can only dream of getting to have a beer while they work. For one beer-loving worker in Michigan; that dream is now a reality. Thanks to an office in the same building as a restaurant, the man, known only as Sam, thought of the perfect way to get free beer during work.
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Study Finds The Majority Of People Don't Want To Talk To Others In An Elevator

If there is one place for small talk at your office building, the elevator is not it.
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Man Quits His Job Using A Condolences Card

Everyone has thought about how they would quit their job if given the opportunity. Some think of leaving in a blaze of glory, confronting coworkers on their way out, but some just want a good laugh out of the unfortunate situation.
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Study Finds Working A Ten-Hour Day Just Once A Week Increases Risk Of Stroke By 45%

Staying late at work might win you extra points with the boss, but at what cost?
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According To New Study If You're Over 40 You Shouldn't Work More Than 3 Days A Week

It's no secret that people wish they didn't have to work 5 or more days a week.
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