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13 Year Old Boy Sells His Xbox And Buys His Mom A Car

It took me at least 7 tries before I could finish this story. I'm a single mom, of an almost 12 year old boy who LOVES his Xbox. There would have to be a catastrophic event to get this kid to ever sell his prized possesion. It's one of the ways he connects with his out of state friends and family,...
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Jimmy Kimmel Asks Parents To Prank Their Kids And Turn Off The TV In The Middle Of Fortnite

Jimmy Kimmel loves making families torture each other.
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DFW Airport Quietly Added A Gaming Lounge

Ladies and gents, DFW Airport is now home to the first ever entertainment lounge, created specifically for gamers!
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"Video Gaming Disorder" To Be Classified As Actual Disease By World Health Organization

A hobby for some might be an addiction for others, and it turns out it will soon become a certifiable disease.
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Video Game Creators Honor Teacher's Request, Add Note To Loading Screen Asking Students Not To Play In Class

Fortnite is probably the most popular video game in the world right now.
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26-Year-Old Twich Streamer Making $500,000 A Month Streaming Video Games

According to reports, Tyler "Ninja" Bevins who streams himself playing the popular game, 'Fortnite', on the Twich platform is making $500,000 a month.
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